What gives waste segregation?

Garbage will stop getting into the forests

Proper separation and storage of waste will make the future litter no longer a troublesome problem. I am talking here not only about overcrowded household rubbish dumps or dumps, but also wild deportation of rubbish to the bosom of nature.

Storage and transport costs

Segregation, crushing of cans and bottles, as well as regular waste collection significantly reduce the space needed for landfilling and transport costs.

Raw materials will be recovered more efficiently

Sorted waste can be significantly easier and faster to recycle, which allows for the repeated use of raw materials. For example, fleece jackets can be produced from PET bottles.

Waste can be a source of energy

Energy recovered in a professional incinerator from one plastic bag bulbs are allowed to shine for 10 minutes.

New jobs will be created

Specialist disposal or waste processing allows protect the natural environment, and thus the life and health of people. In addition, it is a new branch of the economy, which creates additional jobs

Good patterns should be passed on

You should also remember about children, that should be taught about good habits from the earliest years. The youngest should know how to segregate rubbish, what are the colorful bags for and why we carry canvas bags for shopping.

Containers for waste segregation. Why are the container colors important?

Blue waste container

is intended for paper. Here you can put in newspapers, catalogs and prospectuses, paper, notebooks, softback books (hard covers should be removed), paper bags and packaging, cartons and cardboard. Remember that the paper you put into the container is not wet or oily, remove metal elements such as paper clips or staples, as well as plastic covers

Do not throw cartons of drinks, milk and juices into blue containers – their place is in a container for plastics.

Yellow waste container
it is intended for plastic segregation. Here you can put plastic packaging, plastic bottles (PET) and caps, carton boxes for juices, drinks and milk, liquid bottles for dishes, and plastic bags. Remove plastic caps from plastic bottles and screwed cartons, and rinse the bottles before dropping them into the container.

Do not throw away toys, full plastic bottles, oil containers (including food) or disposable dishes into the yellow container.

Green waste container

It is intended for colored glass, while white is used for segregation of colorless glass waste. It would be worth for glass packaging (bottles, jars, cosmetics packages) placed in segregation containers to be washed and without labels.

Do not throw bottles of contents or broken ones into glass containers. Also, do not throw home ceramics and porcelain, glass or mirrors, as well as lamps and light bulbs into glass containers.

Red garbage containers.  

They are intended exclusively for aluminum and metal cans

NEVER throw it in the trash can!

To the trash bin – whether general or segregated waste – you must not be thrown away:

  • used batteries and accumulators,
  • electronic equipment,
  • debris and construction waste,
  • fluorescent lamps, in particular energy-saving ones,
  • medicines and medicine packaging

Special containers for hazardous waste can be found in every store with electronic and construction equipment and in most supermarkets, and collection points for such waste are in every municipality. Out-of-date medicines and empty medicine packages can be left in the pharmacy, and debris and construction waste must be taken to the landfill.

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