"Tailor-made" lines

Comprehensive solutions. Lines perfectly tailored to your needs.

Guaranteed capacity 500 kg

Limiting electricity consumption even to:

0 %

in relation to the currently functioning solutions.

Effective washing of materials with the contamination level reaching 60%.
Wide range of applications: washing soft and hard plastic.
Increased capacity obtained through proper configuration of the machines.

Process efficiency

The system allows to obtain a material that is 100% suitable for re-granulation with the highest parameters. Possibility of effectively cleaning contaminated foils up to 60% of the bulk material.

Durability of components, additionally simple operation, easy operation and service.

Environment friendly due to the high degree of material purification and greater applicability. Pro-organic solutions without the use of detergents.

You need more information:


Machine production department:

+48 604 129 117 



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