​​The shaping of ecological awareness is extremely important, which is why this process should start from an early age. 🙂 As part of this year’s educational campaign “Wise children segregate with us garbage” four public kindergartens from the Brzesko Commune have received educational games and books that will help children understand, among others, the principle of waste segregation and the importance of caring for the natural environment.

K & K Recycling System with DETECTIVE ŁODYGA

on the trail of Eco-preschoolers! As part of the educational campaign Super Hero DETEKTYW ŁODYGA sets off with us on a mission entitled ” I’m segregating rubbish”. By combining play with practical and valuable knowledge about ecology, it will help the youngest of the three public kindergartens in the Brzesko commune to understand the principle of waste segregation. With Super Hero ecology will NOT be boring! 🙂

Ecological education at the Primary School in Czchów

A “talk about waste” was organized for the pre-school group and students from grades 1-3. The children got acquainted with the multimedia presentation presenting the essence of waste segregation. All participants of the chat readily took part in numerous competitions that were rewarded 🙂 We hope that children will support adults in proper waste management

All children segregate rubbish

under this slogan, the K & K Recycling System company carried out the first ecological campaign in the Primary School and Middle School in Bielsko-Biala on 16/04/2015. The ecological action was aimed at presenting the problem of increasing amount of waste, indicating the inconvenience of wild dumps and landfill as well as making the youngest citizens aware of why waste should be segregated, how each one influences the significant reduction in the volume of produced “garbage”. On the example of an active recycler, the company presented the operation of a recycling plant, demonstrating what is happening with plastic waste – in this case, all kinds of foil from the moment it was declared unserviceable to the point of producing a re-granulate and then a finished product such as junk bags. To much surprise, the presentation aroused interest among the youngest students who took very active part

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