S-30 Evolution

S-30 Evolution   Friction Washer

The device is powered by a 30 kW motor, which allows to achieve efficiency up to 800 kg / h in the case of a foil flake or 1600 kg / h milling. In addition, the application of the innovative rotor geometry has allowed to achieve high efficiency of opening and separating foil flakes, which increases the efficiency of cleaning materials. An element of the machine’s innovation is also a new rotor seal, which affects: no speed limit, no mechanical friction, no heat generation and no starting torque.

Guaranteed benefits:

A number of unique solutions:

Technical specificatons

Installed capacity
30 kW
1600 kg/h for miling 100%
800 kg / h foil flake 100%
1980 kg
Water demand
to 40 m3/h
Power supply
400/50 V/Hz
Standart CE
Opinion of innovation2014

Patent:  nr. 212153


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